Join the 48 Hour YouTube Channel Makeover Challenge

The 48 hours will run again very soon.

Stop hiding your YouTube Channel?

Don't be embarrassed by your YouTube Channel anymore. Join me in the super fun 48-hour challenge.

In just 2 short days you will learn how to set your channel up for success.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, learn how to optimize your channel
and your videos so your peeps can find you!

Optimize Your Channel. Get More Subscribers.

In 48 Hours I will show you how to design your channel to keep people watching,
optimize your videos so new people can find them and
set the tone and expectations to get more subscribers.

"I absolutely loved Holly G’s 48-hr YouTube Makeover Challenge! It helped me get over my perfection paralysis, which is huge for me. I also loved learning about making custom thumbnails and channel art. It was so fun! And Holly really knows her stuff, as the tutorials were succinct and the whole course was super easy to navigate. What could be better? Thanks, Holly!"

Jenn Sutkowski

"I rrrrrreeally loved Holly's 48 Hr YouTube Makeover course, it has really helped 'tidy up' the look and feel of my channel, and fingers crossed we'll get more views. Her video's were super snappy and completely actionable straight away. Thanks so much Holly!!"

Lynz Crichton

"I was so impressed with how thorough this challenge was. It covered so many bite sized actions. I still have lots to do, but I'm excited to complete my checklist. I know it will make a big difference to my channel!"

Lisa Gillispie









Video with a plan, a purpose, a system and a strategy. Not just creating video for the sake of creating video. Creating video that actually moves your business forward.