You know you need video to grow your brand and build your trust.

You just don't know where to start, what platform to use. And what do you even talk about?

You're worried you're going to put a ton of work into your videos and no one will even watch.



You don't have a solid plan or system to create your videos. You always feel like you are reinventing the wheel. Then you end up forgetting stuff and it takes foreverrrrr!


You wish there were crickets because maybe you could get them to watch your videos. Then you think, "Aggghhh what am I doing wrong? Why am I the only one who doesn't get it?"


You have created a totally unrealistic schedule to create your videos and you clearly can't keep up. So you make some videos here and there, but there is no real consistency.

Let's Take Your Videos To The Next Level!

The step by step system to consistently create content that converts your viewers into buyers, that builds your authority and your audience and saves you time, energy and your sanity along the way.
It’s time to step into the spotlight and shine like I know you can. Use my formulas, checklists, system and strategy to grow your YouTube Channel,
your business and your bottom line.
Imagine you could sit down with your planner in hand and map out weeks or even months worth of videos. No more wondering what to do next. You will finally feel like a video pro and will turn your confusion into confidence and your fears into fearlessness!!
Recording and editing your videos becomes so easy you are going to kick yourself for not using this system sooner. And now that you're making amazing content that servers your audience AND your business. You are going to want to show it off. Good because I've got you covered there! 
This is the planner I wish I had when I started. I've made all the mistakes, taken all the missteps and plotted the map for you. Creating video without a plan,
a system or a strategy is a complete waste of your time and
I know you don’t want to waste your time. 

Here's What's Included

Grab a sneak peek inside the pages of the Business Cinema Production Planner. This is only just some of the amazing formulas, checklists and systems I have laid out for you on the inside.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Holly G, Your Go-To Video Gal and I love planning and organizing. Besides that and more importantly I've been working professionally in video production since 2008. I've taken all that experience and knowledge mixed it all together to create the
Business Cinema Production Planner.
You will benefit from all my combined years of experience and my trial and error so you can do it with less bumps in the road. Saving you time, energy and frustration.

The Business Cinema Production Planner is invaluable to get you moving on YouTube! Holly has so much experience in the field that I do not (even though I went to school for Film & Television) I figured why make unnecessary mistakes while I’m starting out adding video to my social media platform when someone with the know-how I lack has already laid out everything from the basics to the nitty gritty to the big picture?

And besides all that it is well-organized, easy to use and looks great. Also Holly is super positive and kind, so you get her wisdom, generosity and heart peppered throughout. It’s as well-balanced as a great script. And I’m totally ready for my closeup!

Jenn Sutkowski

Writer, author musician (and now more confident YouTuber)

I can say that it really is amazing. It takes all of the questions and swirling that you have going on around video and helps you to put it into a structure.

Sara Christensen

Kickass Masterminds

Are YOU Ready to Take Video Seriously?

This is a tool to help you get where you want to go on your video journey with WAYYY less bumps in the road, but it will still require you to put in the work and effort.

If you are ready to work. If you are ready to take video seriously. If you are ready to create videos you love then click YES!

Who Is This For?

This is perfect for you if you are focusing your attention on making videos for your YouTube channel and you want to get more views, more subscribers and more clients.

This is a good fit if you are READY to take action or ALREADY taking action, and you want to learn how to kick things up with a solid plan, a proven system, a strategy so you aren't just making videos for the sake of making videos and without a lot of fluff and BS  cause ain't nobody got time for that.

This is not going to be the right fit for everyone and that's ok. If you are not ready for the planner, then I frankly don't want you to waste your money. Save your money and come back when you are ready!


Here's How It Works

You choose between a physical or digital version, the you immediately get access to the
Walk-Through Experience, where I will walk you through each section of the planner, explain exactly what everything means, and exactly how to use each section
so you get the most value as possible.

This planner is designed with you in mind. It will keep you on track and organized.
It's everything you need to plan, strategize and systematically produce the next 3 months of content for your YouTube® Channel.

It's actually more than a planner, it's checklists, it's formulas, it's a system to create a winning video strategy. There is nothing else like it available. 

Have a question feel free to message me.


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